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Dusty water

Hello All-

I recently added Eheim's Ehfilav and Ehfisubstrat to my canister filter.  It
seems apparent one of these is the culprit to dust type matter floating in
the water column.  It had been rinsed but even though this whitish dust
couldn't be seen while rinsing, it shows well under a  lighted tank.  I
guessed it wasn't rinsed good enough.  It was then rinsed again and a 25%
water change was done but it hasn't helped.  For anyone who has experience
with this or cares to comment, is this a continual "flaking" of the media
causing this to stay constant, or is just a classic case of me having to
allow multiple water changes to fix the problem? If for some reason this
isn't my problem, can anyone suggest a method to clear up dusty water?


Mike G.