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Eichornia diversifolia

I cam across this plant in my lfs.   It was labeled with that name and it
appears to be that plant in the book "Aquarium Plants, The Practical Guide"
by Pablo Tepoot.   This is a great book for identifying plants but it
doesn't give much verbal information.   I've tried every single search
engine on the net (via dogpile) and have not found anything on this plant.

All of the information I have is 

Light: "2.5-3.0 watts/gallon"
Height: "Tall"
Temp "73-83 degrees
Enviroment: "Amphibious"
PH "7.0"

Can anyone tell me anything else about this plant ?   This is a cool looking

It appears to grow straight up with the leaves spread straight from one side
to the other (ie parallel) to each other. 

How does it reproduce ?