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re: DIY co2 having no effect

Date: Mon, 29 Mar 1999 11:05:00 -0600
From: Steve Benz <steveb at talltree_com>
Subject: DIY co2 having no effect

CarlaThorn at aol_com writes:
>Could anyone tell me why co2 injection in a 55-gallon tank would have
>practically no effect on the ph or plant growth? ...The only surface
>turbulence comes from the two biowheels, but it's hardly a ripple.

>No matter.  Those guys are the thing.  I set up biowheels when I first
>started with CO2 and observed the same thing you did.  I turned them off
>and presto, I'm in business.

>						- Steve

This actually brings up a good question. What would one consider to be a good
mechanical/biological filter for a planted tank? For many reasons I've always
used biowheels for my non planted tanks. Due to the large surface area of the
wheel, and the constant flow of water over them they make an ideal place for
water to de-gas. This production of oxygen rich, and co2 poor water is great
for the fish, but less than ideal for the plants. I thought about using a
whisper type of filter with the removable cartridge but I've thought about one
major drawback. when you periodically replace the cartridge you are throwing
away all of your nitrifying bacteria, thus throwing your tank out of balance.
How do you get around this problem? Has anyone come up with a way to provide a
stable bacteria bed without having excessive gas exchange? Any help would be
greatly appreciated.

-Only a beginner so please be tolerant of 'stupid' questions :)