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Ken wrote:  "I've got a couple of questions for all of the experts.  
1.	Is it possible to test for Potassium levels ?  I've looked but
not found a test kit. 
2.	What are the dosing recomendations for the following.    
	Potassium Gluconate
	Potassium Sulfate 
	Potash  K2O

3.	What are the effects of overdosing an aquarium if a dosing
mistake is made."

Q1.  Not that I know of-although there we've had a comment that LaMotte
may make a potassium test kit.  I borrowed an expensive electronic
potassium test kit from an agronomist friend for a month or so-so I've
had the luxury of getting a little base line information.
Q2.  dr. dave (Huebert) recommends 5 - 10 ppm.  My calcs for dosing
K2SO4 are at home so I can't give you the numbers.  I play in  tsp.
units in my tanks without difficulty.  
Q3.  I have the impression that one can overdose potassium at least
slightly without adverse reactions.  I'm reasonably certain I've been in
the 20 ppm range for at least a few weeks and didn't notice any

Good luck.  Steve Dixon