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Reef calcium?

My water has almost no GH, and I have leftover Sea Chem Reef Calcium 
from when this tank was used as a mini-reef.  Is there any reason not to 
use some of this to increase Ca++ levels in my tank?  The active 
ingredient, according to the label, is Calcium EDTA gluconate.

Related query:  Could low GH be the reason that my pygmy chain swords, 
while putting out a zillion runners and new plants, are yellowish and 
losing leaves on the older plants?  Substrate is Flourite with Tetra 
initial sticks, supplemented with Flourish and Fluorish iron.  Nitrates 
are <10, ammonia 0, pH 6.8-7.2, DIY CO2, 80W fluorescents over a 40 
gallon tank.

Hallie Ray
King George, VA

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