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CO2 Tank Pressure

Chris wrote:  "I have stumbled on a cheap regulator, and would like some
feedback regarding suitability.  Since a "aquarium" regulator can cost
$150, this little gem looks promising.  It's a small compressed air
regulator sold at Lowe's for $20.  It would need a couple of  fittings
and maybe a needle valve to adapt to a CO2 cylinder, but total cost
should be $30.  It is rated to about 200lbs.  Anyone know the partial
pressure of CO2 off the top of their heads?"
Be very careful here.  My CO2 tanks run at about 900 psi or so.  I would
be scared to death to use equipment rated for 200 psi.  Don't do this
unless someone who knows what they're doing explains why it would be
Regards, Steve Dixon