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Re: Champagne yeast

James Purchase writes:

> I went into a "home-brew" shop the other evening and asked about
>  "champagne" yeast (which actually, is not used to make champagne at all)
>  the guy there told me that the ability of yeasts to grow in solutions
>  containing alcohol varies quite a bit. Ordinary "baking yeasts" die if the
>  alcohol content is more than a few percentage points. He sold me a few
>  packets of "wine yeast" which he says can live in solutions containing
>  upwards of 12-13% alcohol. He told me that he has other varieties which can
>  handle even more alcohol.

If I introduced this "wine yeast" into a microworm culture, do you suppose the
wine yeast would take over and keep the culture going a little longer?  Mine
last a month, and if I let them go a full five weeks, they are dead.  Maybe I
could get a "time buffer" in my worms for when I screw up?

Bob Dixon