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Re: Champagne yeast

>2.  Champagne yeast, however, has not done well for me.  It costs more 
>regular yeast, at least here in the Washington, DC, area, and hasn't 
>any longer than the regular yeast.  Of course it is possible that it 
>produced more CO2, but in a shorter time.

I'm currently making the switch over to champagne yeast.  I picked up a 
little package of LAVLIN yeast (Saccharomyces bayanus) for about $1.00 
canadian at the local Wine art store.  I made three reactors, and put 2 
cups of sugar and 3/8 a teaspoon of yeast into each.  it has been a 
week, and so far the CO2 rate is good.  ALL my plant are pearling to 
some extent,  I'll let everyone know if this continues for longer than 
two weeks, which is my best with regular yeast to date.

Wish me Luck,

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