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Re: fluorite and magnetism

I discovered (the hard way) a good amount of magnetic particles in the sand
that I use in my tank.  I use(d) one of those magnetic scrapers and must have
gone too near the bottom, which allowed the "filings" to jump onto the scraper.
I store the 2 parts magnetized together, and when I used it the next time, the
particles from the scraper had stuck to the magnet that's used on the outside
of the tank......scraaaaatcchh!!  ooh- ouch!  Needless to say-*no* more

Fortunately it was only a couple inches long.  I still can't stand looking at
it though-reminds me to be more careful!

-Susan J.
mired in VT mud-season

--- G. Kadar wrote:
I checked the Fluorite with a small magnet and indeed there were smaller
particles that stuck to it.  I double checked a few times and the little
pieces would jump about a cm. from my finger to the magnet.

So, I guess there must be lots of iron in it.  No wonder my plants love the

G. Kadar
--- end of quote ---