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re: Potassium Gluconate

Robert H wrote:

>> "Potassium Gluconate tablets ( 90mg )
>>       Next to all the other vitamins at your favorite
>>       drug store.  These are convenient for K only."

> I have never heard of this before. I know potassium
> nitrate, potassium sulphate, but not this stuff! How
> well does it work? Is it in a solution plants can use?

Since I posted original post regards the Potassium gluconate,
I'll offer a more full description.  Potassium gluconate is simply
potassium complexed to gluconate.  In solution with water it
splits to its base components  ( gluconate and K+ ).

The K+ is the form of K you want in your tank when you want
K.  The gluconate is a form of sugar.  It has been complexed to
iron, calcium, ? by the aquarium trade and by other minerals in
the vitamin / mineral trade.

When it is complexed to iron,  there needs to be consideration
for the oxidation states of iron in the oxiditive environment which
is our tanks.  The type of complexing in the iron supplements
we use is becomes as important as the iron itself primarily because
it controls the rate of release of the base iron which is then free to
oxidise - with all the benefits and problems associated with that.  I'm
not a chemis so if I talk any more about oxidation states and chealation
of iron I'm only going to get myself in trouble.  But with regards to
potassium, its in its lowest oxidation state already -  K+  - so oxidation
considerations go out the window.

The benefits to potassium gluconate are simple in that its in a
pre-dosed form - there's no need to measure a gram or whatever with
a scale.  And you can get it down the stree at your local pharmacy.
And it gives you only K w/o any other nutrients.  While I have used
it in 908mg form,  it is likely available in other sizes.

Hope this helps.

Christopher Coleman
christopher.coleman at worldnet_att.net