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Re: peat pads

I've used peat pads before.  They seemed to do okay for the plants I
had at the time; however, when I tore the dank down (after having the
pads in for about a year), SO2 was released (rotten egg smell).  This
lead me to the conclusion that the substrate had become anaerobic, so I
have never used them under the substrate again.  I recently found the
left over from this original use (the part I didn't use) and broke it up
and put it in my Fluval.
  I don't recommend placing these under your substrate, unless yo have a
UGF.  I believe it says on the packaging that it can be placed on the
filter plate before the gravel.  I would put a thin layer of gravel down
first so that when the pad starts to break down, you don't get peat
fibers all over your tank.

I hope this info helps.

Jason Miller 
Sherwood Park, AB
(780) 464-9635

G. Kadar wrote:
>I've checked the archive and could not find any references to this >exact
>item.  I have seen peat pads for sale in the lfs.  I asked about them >and
>was told that they can be used under the substrate in a planted >aquarium.
>Does anyone use them?  And what good are they?