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RE: All my snails died... ??? and Puddlefish

Wow, I actually knew the answer to someone else's question!  However, you
folks were so quick with your sound advice, that there is no sense in
replying with redundant content.  Even so, let the record state that this
list lurker fully intended to assist a fellow list member.

To the gentlemen that breeds Amazonian puddlefish.  This has piqued my
curiosity.  Could you email me off of the list w/ a suggested URL or
Publication where I might learn about puddlefish.  I've owned the venerable
BlockHead Cichlid, which I guess is common to puddles & pond dweller in the
Congo, though I may be imagining a like comparison where none exist.  I
really enjoyed his antics.  However, not a good companion for planted
aquaria, with it's tendency to bury.  Are Amazonian   puddlefish good for
small, still planted tanks?  This is kind of fish related and not plant
related, so a quick blurb off the list is would be more appropriate.

Peter W O'Dwyer jnr
odwyerpw at bluecorp_com