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Kribensis Question

I have 5 kribensis.  2 albino and 3 normal.  The female albino is about 1" long and the regular male which is about 2 1/2".  The other three are an albino male and two regular females, all about 1 1/2".  I had then all in the same 55 gallon tank.  One of the
regular females and the albino female seemed to be getting pregnant (red and fat tummy).  It seemed like the large regular male was with both of them.  The albino male seemed to hide in a large group of thick plants in the tank.  He wasn't being chased or
anything, but he seemed to be out of it.

I moved the albinos (male and female) over to a 20 gallon tank.  It is moderately planted (mostly little plants that are growing to full size).  There is a half of a 4" pot in there that the female has taken over.  The male seems to be getting chased off
whenever she sees him.  It isn't a long chase, just one good run rather than something relentless.

My question is, the first 3 regular kribs were only in the tank for a week before the albinos were added and then I took the albinos out about about another week.  Is this long enough for them to permanently pair up or will the 2 albinos eventually mate?
The offspring of an albino and a regular krib might be an interesting experiment.  I do recall reading that regular males prefer albino females and regular females prefer albino males.  Any help would be appreciated.