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Re: Kribensis Question

Christopher Ferrell wrote:

>regular females and the albino female seemed to be getting pregnant (red
and >fat tummy).  It seemed like the large regular male was with both of
>My question is, the first 3 regular kribs were only in the tank for a week
before the >albinos were added and then I took the albinos out about about
another week.  Is >this long enough for them to permanently pair up or will
the 2 albinos eventually >mate?
>The offspring of an albino and a regular krib might be an interesting
experiment.  >I do recall reading that regular males prefer albino females
and regular females >prefer albino males.  Any help would be appreciated.

I've heard the same theory.  I think the idea is, the white body helps show
off the contrast with the red tummy?

In my limited experience, there doesn't seem to be much danger that kribs
will pair up permanently.  I bred one male with two females; he'd raised
more than one brood with the first.

Just to clarify, kribs don't really get 'pregnant'.  The eggs don't get
fertilized until after they're laid.  She'll lay them under a rock or other
object, and they'll probably dig up your substrate while they're at it.  At
one point, my kribs decided the bed of rotala was a perfect place to raise
their kids.  The exposed roots looked terrible for weeks, and I couldn't
stick my hand in to replant them.  Ever had a protective daddy krib tear
screaming across the tank, intent on destroying your arm?  He didn't exactly
draw blood, but it hurt!

Alysoun McLaughlin
Wheaton, Maryland