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RE:Discus & Planted Tanks

I don't think 86 degF is so important. I strive for 84 degF. However, 79
degF is too low. I had tried 80-82 degF for a while and found the Discus
suffered, albiet over some time.  Moving ailing Discus to a Hospital tank w/
equivalent Hardness & pH but higher temp (86 degF) would bring them back to
good health, ie good color, not spooky, not logey. Some Discus keepers
actually keep them at 90 degF for two week periods when they show signs of
illness, not me.

I am considering moving the Discus out and trying Altums so that I can lower
the temp and try a wider variety of plants. Want to build that ph Controller
first so that I can lower the pH for the Altums first. Contact Horizon
Growers, they have a Discus Mix, a collection of high temp tolerant plants,
I found that about 1/3 of them melted away eventually.  However, that may be
attributed to my very poorly developed early plant keeping skills.  I am now
just slightly incompetent.

Peter W O'Dwyer jnr
odwyerpw at bluecorp_com