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RE: Discus & Planted Tanks

IMO - it's not _critical_ to maintain discus at 86-88F (constant) in
a planted aqua-box.  I've tried, and with all the incantations, CO2,
MH lights, nutrients, et al, the plants just don't do well.  Of course,
this is < my > experience.

I've kept discus in planted aquaria for awhile, ?circa '85?... Had been
the "bare"-box before that.  If your discus (and plants) are happy at
79-80F and you haven't any problems, I couldn't suggest you change that
which is successful.  < I > maintain their (discus and plants) home at
83-84F.  < My > experience with symphysodon is that temps lower than
82F (constant) invite (eventually) _those_ discus specific problems.

Here is what has proven successful for me (sorry for all the me's and
I's) ;-)

1) Put fully grown adults into an established planted aqua-box, (or for
a new system after <minimum> 12 - 14 weeks) preferably those which you
have raised in the "bare"-box (it's the _easiest_ way to get babies to a
large size - heavy feeding and water changes); OR if you acquire adults,
<<most definitely>> quarantine (as well as any fish previous to the
discus).  Then hope that they don't decide to get <cozy> and make more
discus (which leads to #2)...

2) If you're interested in breeding the discus, < IMO > forget about
it in a _lush_ planted aquarium, unless you've got lot's of time to
spend with them.  <<Lot's>>... (but then, raising a discus spawn means
a big time commitment anyway)...

3) Plant robust plants in one area of the aqua where the discus are fed.
When they go scavenging for more food on the bottom they will plow down
any fragile plants to get their dinner (lunch, breakfast) - they _do_
like to eat, pigs that they are...

4) Strong light and CO2 help balance the higher temperature for the
plants.  84-85F is the highest < I've > had success with (occasionally
higher, but not prolonged).

5) Choose co-inhabitants carefully.

6) Enjoy the discus in their planted home, they certainly will...

I like to give friends interested in discus and planted aquaria an
excellent little book: "Discus Fish" by Thomas Giovanetti, published
by Barron's.

How about DiscusL?  http://world.std.com/~enjolras/discus-l.html

Scott Davis
Austin, Texas
stalan at ix_netcom.com

"A M Moore" <andy at ascot_u-net.com> wrote:
> For anyone who keeps Discus in a fully planted setup - how crutial do
> you think it is to keep the fish around 86F ? I have currently been
> keeping my temperatures around the 79-80F mark to give the plants an
> easier time, and me.
> Any constructive opinions welcome