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Some newbie questions on setting up a planted tank

Apologizing in advance for what may end up being  kind of  long, but I do
have several questions:

I currently have 3 tanks in the house and would like to re-do one as a
heavily planted tank. Right now, it has 7 fish and a few plants (mostly
hornwort, some anacharis, a small sword and a bacopa). The plants are doing
ok, but not spectacularly. I would like to add to the plant population, and
give them a better environment in which to grow. That said, here are the
current specs:

Tank: 38 gallon, 36"Lx12"Wx20"H. Tall, I know, but I am space constrained as
to the footprint a tank can have in our current situation. Besides, I'm used
to being up to my earlobes in water, working in this thing! :) Marineland
Emperor 300 filter with 2 Biowheels.

As of  last testing: pH 7.4, Ammonia, nitrite and nitrate all 0, GH over 286
ppm, KH 3 degrees. I use our well water for all my tanks and I know it's
practically liquid rock- they don't call NH the Granite State for nothing!
:) Seriously, I think I will go back to using peat to soften up the water
some- it worked before, but I didn't have a really strong reason to keep it

I have Flourite for the substrate and will continue with the Seachem system
until I get some experience/confidence/see how things go.

I've looked at the FAQ's, love the Krib (wonderful information!) and have
lurked here for while. Now I have some specific questions/requests for

1) Lighting- I currently have a standard 2 tube fluorescent hood. Gives
about 1 watt/gallon. I know that's not enough if  I want to expand the
plants aspect of the tank. What would the more experienced here recommend
for my deep tank? I am shooting for around 2 or 3 watts/gallon right now.

2) Plants- What should I put in the tank? I'll need plants that can stand up
to relatively hard water, as even with peat in the system, it only gets to
medium hard instead of rock solid. Also, low light tolerant, of course,
especially for the lower growing ones. And how much is "heavily" planted? I
understand the reasoning for doing so, but is there any way of approximating
how many of each type to start with?

3) Anything I am missing? Or have forgotten?

Thanks so much in advance! I am looking forward to getting into this

New Hampshire, USA

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