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Re: Ameca splendins

Chris Wells asked....

>I've been prodding my LFSs to get some Ameca splendins in to help with
>some hair algae problems.
>Has anyone seen this fish lately?  The common name was something like
>butterfly godigon.
>I read at the Krib site that this fish will eat about any type of algae
>- - what about plants??
>I don't want to make salad of them!
>Does anyone on the list keep these?

Ameca splendens, the Butterfly Goodeid, page 703 of Baensch
Aquarium Atlas II.

They do not eat black brush or green spot algae, but they do a
decent job on stringy hair algaes. They can be fed zucchini and
flake food. I haven't noticed them eating any plants yet. Last
week at auction three pairs went for Can$7, $6, and $1 respectively.
I guess nobody was aware of their algae-eating abilities. They
are a very tough fish, but don't let your pH get much below 6.5.

>By the way my 120G has 6 ottos, 6 SAEs and ~10 algae shrimp - nothing
>else but a few volunteer snails.
>Any other suggestions?  I was thinking of some Mollies but my PH is ~6.5
>and the water on the soft side.

I think that you have all of the angles covered.

Dave Whittaker
Gloucester, Ontario
ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.ca