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AW: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #890

I keep 20 ameca splendens in my 1000 liter tank. 
I had an invasion of green hair algae. They ate it up in 3 days. 
And -that was new for me- they also eat black brush algae!!!
They do not touch plants!
I also keep Mollies in my 300 liter tank at PH 6.5 and KH 3.5
I have them since 1 year, they feel fine, and have a lot of offspring.
Mag. Ewald Maly
email: ewald.maly at lci_at

> Date: Sat, 06 Mar 1999 17:57:57 -0500
> From: cwells <cdwells at concentric_net>
> Subject: Ameca splendins
> I've been prodding my LFSs to get some Ameca splendins in to help with
> some hair algae problems.
> Has anyone seen this fish lately?  The common name was something like
> butterfly godigon.
> I read at the Krib site that this fish will eat about any type of algae
> - - what about plants??
> I don't want to make salad of them!
> Does anyone on the list keep these?
> By the way my 120G has 6 ottos, 6 SAEs and ~10 algae shrimp - nothing
> else but a few volunteer snails.
> Any other suggestions?  I was thinking of some Mollies but my PH is ~6.5
> and the water on the soft side.
> Chris Wells
> cdwells at concentric_net