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Cork screw Val melt down.

My LFS ordered 25 corkscrew vals for me.  Came in as nice size plants.
The grower was somewhere in Flordia (I see from the newspaper they were
packed in) and the water must be hard and the ph high relative to what I
have.  The plants had a crusty coating of what looks like calcium on the
surface of each leaf.  I used to see this when I looked at native plants
back in Michigan.  The water there was very hard ~450ppm+ and the bottom
of the lakes were covered with a calciforous marl and the PH was usually
above 7.

Well after about 2 weeks the tops of almost all of the leaves have died
back somewhat like crypts do but not as fast.
Is this to be expected?  Are these just fragile plants or did the water
chemistry change have something to do with it?
Would I be better off to try and get plants from a supplier with similar
water chemistry?  Any suggestions for the next time?

Chris Wells
cdwells at concentric_net