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Jim Hurley's DIY pH Controller and Hey MOM We're NO.4!

Back in 93 Jim Hurley graced The Krib with instructions on a DIY pH
Controller.  I also recall, Jim mentioning an error on the prints and
subsequently recommended changing one of the resistors of a given value to
something else.  I've lost Jim's addendum and am unable to relocate it. Does
anyone know if the plans on the Krib contain the change.
Any information or a source for information that anyone gives me would be
helpful.  An email to Jim's address of hurleyj at arachnaut_org was
unsuccesful.  Jim if you're out there, Hi and thanks.

A little off topic, but I came accross this regarding Internet Mailing
Lists.  I think we should all pause, read it, laugh at ourselves and vow to
keep the List at Step4.  (I think it's a solid 4)
See http://www.catalog.com/vivian/lifecycle.html
we are not alone.

Thank you very much.
odwyerpw at bluecorp_com