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Office Tanks

I'm screwing up my courage to ask if I can put a fish tank in my new
office.  Right now, the plan is for a six gallon Eclipse (yes, I know,
it's expensive; it's small; but I don't especially want to rile up human
resources right now...)

Here are my questions:

1)  I've always had a thick curtain of rotala or ambulia growing up the
back wall of any tank I've set up.  Any tips on slower growth plants
that would mimic this effect, or are all bunch plants such fast
growers?  I would like to avoid a high-maintenance tank.

2)  Any tips on landscaping the Eclipse 6?  Is the current especially
heavy?  Do plants in the back seem to have trouble with the position of
the light (which is right in the front of the tank), or is it a small
enough tank that it doesn't matter?  

3)  Don't get me wrong, I like tetras... but nothing beats the
personality of a pair of dwarf cichlids or labyrinth fish.  On the other
hand, it seems cruel to keep a pair of cacatuoides or honey gouramis in
such a small tank.  I'd prefer not to keep just one lonely betta... Any
thoughts on fish that would be more comfortable in such confines?

3)  For those of you who have office tanks:  Do you let your fish starve
on weekends?  Do you use an automatic feeder?  Can an automatic feeder
be rigged onto an Eclipse?

Alysoun McLaughlin
Wheaton, Maryland
(but the office is in Washington, D.C., which means I'll probably bring
in my own tap water in a water bottle.  Yet another reason for a small