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Re: Office Tanks

I keep a ten gallon tank on a credenza in my office  (45 watts, 4 small fish,
DIY CO2 when I get around to it, PMDD, assorted crypts, annubias, hygro,
baccopa, rotala, misc. clippings from my other tanks).  I have the
advantage of a private office, otherwise the cords from the heater, filter,
and ballast would be a problem.  This is the least successful of my tanks,
even though I look at it more than all the others combined.  Water changes are
a pain, and involve lugging a bucket down the hall from a utility closet. 
Plant food is discreetly tucked in the corner of a common refrigerator.  The
tank is lightly stocked and gets fed two or three times per week.  Skipping
two or three days doesn't seem to matter.  Fish in the wild are far less well
fed than pampered fish in captivity.  My recommendation to anyone considering
an office
tank is to keep it as low tech, low maintainance, and lightly stocked as
possible, otherwise
you're asking for problems.  Unless of course, you own the business or are
president of the company.  Even
then, you're less inclined to play with your tanks at work than you are at
home.  If you're talking about an office cubicle, I'd go with anubias and
crypts under a desk lamp.

For what it's worth,
William Cwirla
Hacienda Heights