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Re: What's your REAL name?

James Purchase wrote:
> This is a simple request, at least I think it's a simple request. Could
> people please sign their posts with a genuine, honest to goodness, NAME?

This is a common sentiment, too.  I prefer it when people use real names,
but I'm not about to get upset about people not using them.

> We're all adults here, we have nothing to hide.

Probably those statments are both wrong.


I have three kids - two of them have their own aquariums and one of them
keeps plants.  They also like bulletin boards and mailing lists; they
could easily be on this list. If I caught them using their real names I'd
be upset.  But as it happens folks don't spend much time in those forums
before they meet people they *don't* want to give their names/locations
to.  There are good reasons why someone would want to keep their real name
to themselves.

> And while you're at it, a location would help too, especially if you are
> commenting about the great "deal" you got.

He gave the name and location of the shop as Petco in Orange, CA.  What
more do you want?

Roger Miller

In Albuquerque where his phone is unlisted because his wife learned
through experience that names and contacts shouldn't be freely circulated.