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Dosing concentration

Before dumping stuff into my tank, I am trying to find out its
percentage by weight in order to calculate target ppm.

1)Label on chemical container:
MAGNESIUM SULPHATE MgSO4.7H2O = 246.47      500g
Assay (ex Mg)		min 99%
Chloride		max 0.02%
Arsenic			max 0.0005%
Iron			max 0.001%
Lead			max 0.0005%
Zinc			max 0.001%

*QUESTION: How I do know the percentage by weight of magnesium?
Is it 99%? 

2)Label on chemical container:
POTASSIUM NITRATE KNO3 Mol Wt. 101.10     500g
Assay			min 99%
Maximum limits of impurities
Chloride		0.02%
Sulphate		0.02%
Lead			0.001%
Sodium			0.5%

*QUESTION: Do all ppl do, say, add 1/4 tsp and measure NO3 by test kit?
Would it be better to know the percentage of nitrate by looking at those
figures? But how?

3)Label on chemical container:
POTASSIUM SULPHATE K2SO4 = 174.26        500g
Acidity (as H2SO4)		max 0.01%
Alkalinity (as KOH)		max 0.01%
Chloride			max 0.003%
Nitrate				to pass test
Heavy metals (as Pb)		max 0.001%
Iron				max 0.001%
Calcium				max 0.006%
Magnesium			max 0.002%
Sodium				max 0.04%
Arsenic				max 0.00001%
Assay (after drying at 100C)	min 99%

*QUESTION: How do I get percentage by weight of potassium?

BTW, hope I am asking the *right* questions.