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Brown Diatom Algae

I have finally conquered BBA (through the introduction of 5 SAEs and heavy
initial water changes)...  I then decided to try to increase my plant growth
by giving them more light (it dawned on me two weeks ago that I only had 80W
over 50gallons), so I added another 4' shoplight w/ another chroma 50 and
another plant&aquarium bulb.  So my current set up is: a 29 gallon (long)
tank end to end with a 20 gallon (high) tank (together they are 54" long,
perfect for 4' lights), both are open topped (ie: no covers), with 2 4' 40W
chroma 50's, and 2 4' 40W Sylvania Plant and Aquarium bulbs,  both tanks
have DIY CO2 injection...

My problem is: the past week or so, I have suddenly started getting that
brown diatom algae stuff  all over the place in both tanks (on the glass, on
the leaves of the plants, the heaters, etc...).  What is most likely causing
this?  Is there anything that I can do to stop it from growing, or should I
just live with it and wipe it off ever few days?

Thanks, Daniel

Daniel Boyer <dpboyer at axs2k_net>