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RE: Algone

>I just got back from our local Aquarium society meeting and we had a
>presentation by a rep from algone algae control product.

A solution in search of a problem???

Sounds like the pitch of a Snake Oil salesman to me. Their "study" is of
questionable value as they don't give the data, only their conclusions. The
"laboratories" in which it supposedly has been tested in are not named, the
advertising uses feel good words like "organic" and "all natural" without
actually telling you WHAT the product is. They do state that it can release
tannins (but they only say this in a round about way), so I guess it might
be peat based or some other high tannin plant fiber.

The web site contains a detailed description of the "standard theory" of the
nitrogen cycle. Numerous studies have been published in recent years which
call into serious doubt the identity of the bacterial species responsible
for conversion of ammonium to nitrite and thence to nitrate. No mention is
made of this questionable identity - they just regurgitate what has been
written in books for the past 50 years. Also missing is any indication that
healthy, growing plants can short circuit this "cycle" by using ammonium
directly as a source of Nitrogen.

I tend to get very suspicous of products which make exagerated claims
without hard proof and their description of their "proof" doesn't convince
me. If you have been following the recent thread about filter less plant
tanks, you will know that in a heavily planted tank with a moderate fish
load, you will more than likely experience nitrate deficiency rather than
excess. If you have high nitrates in your aquarium, either your maintenance
needs some refinement or you should put in some more plants. This is by far
more "natural" and "gentle" than putting some unknown fiber into your filter

P.T. Barnum was right...

James Purchase