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CO2 hardware and operating

I am putting together a parts list for material needed to install a CO2
injection system. I am using a 10lb cylinder and regulator from a biermiester
setup. This setup does not use any type of metering or flow control valve. I
have found two valves that I think would serve this purpose. 
The first is made by Parker. It has a brass body, stainless steel two stage
needle, and ball check. This valve is rated for 2000psi. The model# is PF400B.
Price is $15.61
The second is made by ARO Ingersol Rand. It has a glass reinforced
thermoplastic body with zinc plated steel pipe port inserts. This valve has a
four stage needle for pressures from 0 to 200psi. The model# is F02. Price is
 I am going to use a bubble counter with a check valve. I am also going to use
a reactor chamber that has a rating of 1.45 meters of contact travel allowing
diffusion of 100g CO2 with 10KH.
According to what I read on The Krib, flexible PVC hose looses very little CO2
through leakage. The PVC hose they referred to was 4to6 mm. In the states,
this translates to 1/4". I found 1/4" clear PVC tube in a roll of 100ft for
I am concerned about the maximum pressure rating of the first flow control
valve. I am not sure it would go to a low enough setting. I also think it may
take too much pressure to unseat the ball check valve.
I am concerned about the construction materials of the second flow control
valve. Would any of these materials react adversely to the CO2?
This setup will be used on a 180gal tank.
In Aquarium Plants - The Practical Guide by Pablo Tepoot, he recommends
hooking up a solenoid valve to the CO2 output and operating the CO2 only when
the lights are on. When the lights are off he recommends running an air
I would appreciate any advice, criticism, or opinion regarding any of these
choices and/or recommendations

Thank You
Tom Bates      NO, my uncle is not named Norman !!
Allentown, PA.