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changing established tank to plant tank? CHEAP LIGHT READ!

Hi all,
This may be the incorrect place to ask this but you are the only people
that seem to know anything about plant aquariums, I am still recovering
from a LFS telling me that 'all you need to grow plants is 10000k of light
per 100 litres' 

I have a 120 gallon (48x24x24) aquarium with 4, one yr old ecentric discus
(fussy, shy etc) The tank has gravel, driftwood and plastic plants. I am
hoping to upgrade the lighting to 4 full length NO tube and plant the tank
(2reasons, a, tank loooks yuck, b, the discus would especialy benefit from
the increased water quality)

I am hoping to keep the fish and everything in place and then add lots of
gravel and plants? Does this sound like an acident waiting to happen. All
the nutrients would cause massive uncontrollable algae INFESTATIONS?

Also My 8 week old 250 litre tank 48x18x18 is incredible, no algae
beautiful plant growth everyhting is wonderful, thanks for the help. What I
am bringing this up about is regarding lighting. High quality EXPENSIVE
fluro tubes (triton etc) give a nivce balanced spectrum, why not combine a
grow lux (red+blue) with a cool white (yellow+green) and recieve full
spectrum lighting at 1/5 the price? Is this a bad idea?

Daniel Green
bevgreen at cygnus_uwa.edu.au