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Plant weights - Fe or Sn/Sb?

> ... solder for drinking water plumbing is no longer > allowed to contain lead (I have no idea what they have > used instead - silver and some other metal?).
	I think it's 95% Tin and 5% Antimony.  I suppose that since this was
the formulation chosen for household plumbing, it must not to be too
toxic.  Still, Antimony is in the same periodic table column as Arsenic,
which gives me pause.
	What about using thin soft steel wire?  The local hardware sells 75' of
#19 (that's skinny -- 1mm) annealed steel wire for $1.50.  It's not as
pliable as lead, but being thin, is very easy to work with, and it's
oxidation products are unmysterious and beneficial.
	Just a thought... personally, I just jab everything into the Flourite
and hope for the best (which is why there's a long strand of Ludwigia
floating around the tank tonight :)