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crypt melt cause

After my latest crypt melt down I looked at the archives to see if
anyone had a good line on the cause but instead I found a lot of  odd
threads on the topic.  I grow orchids and a similar problem occurs where
a leaf will get infected by a bacteria (typically pseudomonas sp.) and
the leaf will literally melt in front of your eyes - well in a hour you
can actually see the progress as the leaf turns into a watery mess.  The
solution for orchids  is to cut of the leaf and sterilize the cut (yes I
know - doesn't work well under water). This bacteria appears to be
everywhere and just needs an injury or a week leaf cuticle to start.

My point is that this may be the same mechanism in crypts -  a bacterial
Perhaps they are just more susceptible than other aquatic plants.

I'm sure there are other theories out there - love to hear them.