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RE: Tony Rubin's CO2 quest

Tony is putting together a pressurized CO2 system:

>I am trying to put together all the advice I have received so far and this
>is what I have come up with.  First I need a tank of course.  Next I need a
>two stage CO2 regulator.  Next I need a check valve.  Next I need a bubble
>counter.  Next I need a diffuser.  It seems to me this is the standard
>equipment for a high pressure system which is recommended.

A comment on the regulator Tony. Most good regulators have two dials, one
which measures the pressure inside of the compressed gas canister, another
one which measures the pressure of the CO2 as it leaves the regulator. This
is usually called a single stage regulator, and is what practically
everybody uses. The pressure of the CO2 within the cylinder is going to stay
pretty constant until just before the gas is all gone, so the first dial
won't change much. The pressure of the exiting gas will vary as the CO2
level inside of the cylinder decreases, that's why you want the second
meter - you might need to make adjustments over time.

There are two stage regulators available - but they are usually a lot more
expensive. They will keep the presuure on the output side practically
constant regardless of the dropping level of CO2 within the main cylinder.
For a single aquarium set-up, it's probably overkill to use a two stage

The check valve is there to protect your investment in that regulator - you
don't want aquarium water being sucked into either the regulator or the
cylinder should you run out of CO2 before you notice it.

Both the Dupla CO2 atomizer and the Eheim CO2 diffuser have both bubble
counters and check valves built in. You would only need separate ones if you
are either really nervous (like me) or really rich (like George Booth) [<g>]

James Purchase