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RE: My attitude

In response to my rather tongue in cheek (as well as poorly spell-checked)
comment about Fluval filters and fish poop, Gary Plano has a question:

>Is anyone else sick of Mr. Purchase's attitude?

Well, I tend to piss myself off regularly, but as I have to live with
myself, I get over it. I suggest that you do the same.

I have owned Fluval filters in the past, I own them in the present, I shall
probably continue to own them in the future (at least until they break down
or can be replaced). There ARE design aspects of the Fluval like which I DO
like, but when compared to an Eheim there IS a clear winner, regardless of
the vast difference in price, the Eheim is a better design with higher
quality components. You do of course have the freedom of choice to buy and
use whichever equipment that you choose to. But once you buy it you have to
live with it.

I'm sorry if I can't be cheery all of the time. Oh, and by the way, you can
call me James, my father was Mr. Purchase.

James Purchase