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Hygrophilia has bumps

Hi Everyone,

I am new to the list, and enjoying it very much. A month ago I set up a plant tank in an old aquarium. The information here has been very helpful, as my plants didn't last at all when I tried growing aquatics years ago. There is a pretty wide variety of plants in my tank, as I read that planting heavily is a good way to curb algae in a new set-up. Most of the plants I've bought at a LFS that doesn't have labels for them. I found 'Mystery Bulbs' for a dollar each that were Aponogeton undulatus, and two different kinds of Java Moss (she called them the 'real' and the 'generic,' although I'm dubius) However, I have a copy of the Aquarium Plants Manual and Amano's Books I and II, which help in identification.

A plant I suspect is Hygrophilia polysperma, which I bought a lot of last week, has tiny bumps on the leaves and stems. There is no coloration to the tiny bumps, they look clear or green like the plant. Does anyone know if this is a disease or a parasite? Is there a way to treat them? Should I remove the plants so they don't affect the others (Anubias nana, Java Ferns, Echinordorius cordifolius, Ludwigia repens, Rotala rotundifolia, Micro Swords). Any advice would be very much appreciated.