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Re:10 g. tanks needing support under a 55?

tsuh yang writes:

>i was wondering if i can safely put 4 10g. tanks (sideways) under a 55 g.
>my concern is with the ends of the tank that overhang over the metal stand.
>should i be concerned about some extra support on either end? 

I have done this once.  As long as you still have the plastic rim around the
bottom you can get away with it.  Without it, it may break (personal
experience- it lastted about three months, then just cracked across the
bottom- the ones with rims were okay).  In either case, I recommend the safety
of going to Home Depot and buying a piece of 1/2" plywood.  They will cut it
for you for about a buck extra.  Stick it under there and forget about it.
The extra couple inches on the ends will come in handy for  fish food, nets,
pumps, or whatever.

Bob Dixon