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Re: Magnesium "turnover"

Hi there !

>I recently noticed a post of your on the APD which used
>the word, "turnover" to describe magnesium and test kit
>measurements.  I was wondering what you meant. It has been
>my experience that magnesium is not consumed as much as
>nitrogen or potassium, for instance.  Is this your experience?

Yes, I agree. My experience leads me to think that magnesium is uptaken by
plants at quite fast rate. Pretty faster than calcium. That's why when you
have a soft water (with TH<30mg/l CaCO3 equivalent), you won't detect any
magnesium or very little presence of it. That doesn't necessarily mean that
plants are starving for magnesium.

I think the best concept in aquatic gardening is that of "the dog and its
bowl". You feed your dog by filling up its bowl, but when he will finished
slapping the bowl.. and will look at you with big eyes but that empty bowl
that does _not_ mean he need other food!

Beside that you're absolutely right in telling that K, NO3, NH4, and above
all P and Mn have an extremely fast and active uptake from the water.

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