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Re: Pearling

On Mon, 8 Feb 1999, Daniel Boyer wrote:

> This may seem like a stupid question, but I can't find the answer anywhere:
> I see people talking about there plants bubbling off oxygen... do all of the
> (aquatic) plants do this or only certain ones?  What do you have to do to
> get them to do this?

All plants produce oxygen.  Whether or not they bubble is a little
different.  In my two most successful tanks I never see the plants
bubbling.  In two tanks with simple substrates, no CO2 and no fertilizer
(except as provided by fish and very light feedings) the plants bubble
extravagantly for a couple days after every water change.  In another tank
with CO2 and substrate fertilization the plants bubble regularly, but in a
more reserved fashion.

The only thing that really ties all these together is light.  All of the
tanks that bubble get about 3 watts/gallon fluorescent light.  The tanks
that don't bubble get less light and both are shaded by tall plants
stretched out at the water surface so that the light deeper in the tank is
pretty dim.

You don't say what your lighting is like, but *if* the plants are healthy
and growing and *if* you want the plants to bubble (an unnecessary thing
anyway) then you probably just need more light.

Roger Miller