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Re: Subject: Sword turning yellow, APD V3 #823

>>>I have two Amazon sword plants, which are turning yellow. Other plants in
>>>the tank are doing fine. The fern is dark green, Monywort is also green.
>>>don not understand why the Amazon Sword plant is turning yellow. Please

>>I had the same problem, it's the older leaves on the sword that are
>>turning yellow. Right?  If this is indeed the case, you have a nitrogen
>>deficincy and should start dosing your tank with posassium nitrate.  Once
>>you start dosing you will see a BIG difference. Hope this helps.
>By all indications Adam could be right, but I might take a little different
>approach (OK, some political correctness can't hurt..)

<Etc., etc., snip>

Or you could just add fish... <g>

Our power was out a few weeks ago, so we took those fish we could catch
(only about half of the fish from my planted tank) to a sleepover party at a
friend's fish room.  Life being typically hectic, they stayed there for
about two weeks.

We just brought them back last weekend, and my plants went crazy!  I hadn't
noticed slower growth during those two weeks, but they obviously appreciated
the infusion of ammonia/nitrates/whatever.