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Plants melting, books and ?

I noticed today that my Bacopa caroliniana was melting a few of its lower
leaves.  This doesn't overly bother me (should it?), given that 3 days back
I stuck a lump of wood in the tank (hence the pH is dropping slowly but
surely) and yesterday 12 tetras.  I imagine the water chem changes this has
caused led to the melt.  My question though is this:  Do all aquatic plants
melt?  I know crypts do, but the rest?

Second question:  Could anyone recommend a good botany book, with an ample
section on aquatic plants of course :)  (I've seen the various
recommendations for aquatic specific books - I'm looking for something not
so specific, suitable for a scientifically literate person.)

Thirdly, and coupling my knowledge of fluid dynamics to an unhealthy, yet
republican (small r) interest in prince Charles: Given that sound travels
better underwater, does anyone here talk to their plants?  Any effect?
Enquiring minds want to know!