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Subject: Sword turning yellow, APD V3 #823

Adam wrote...............
Date: Thu, 4 Feb 99 07:27:35 -0500
From: Adam Weingarten <javablue at concentric_net>
Subject: Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #823

>>I have two Amazon sword plants, which are turning yellow. Other plants in
>>the tank are doing fine. The fern is dark green, Monywort is also green. I
>>don not understand why the Amazon Sword plant is turning yellow. Please
>>Following are the specifications for the plant

>I had the same problem, it's the older leaves on the sword that are
>turning yellow. Right?  If this is indeed the case, you have a nitrogen
>deficincy and should start dosing your tank with posassium nitrate.  Once
>you start dosing you will see a BIG difference. Hope this helps.


By all indications Adam could be right, but I might take a little different
approach (OK, some political correctness can't hurt..)

Amazons, among other plants are heavy root-feeders.  If the rest of your
plants in your tank are doing fine why dose the water column with Nitrates?
I would first try some NPK tabs deep in the root zone of the problem
plant(s) first (like very little, like a 1/4 to 1/2 of a commercial plant
tab.  If you succeed then follow up with more tabs or even DIY NPK/Laterite

By dosing the water column you may cause an imbalance and give algae a
better foot-hold.  OTOH if you have BG algae fixing N you may have an
N-limited tank??  Do some big water changes then try my idea.  If this does
not help try a course with the KNO3 per Adam's idea only after you have
tested for N and use a good trace element mix too.  Got Soft water? This
could be a Ca/Mg deficiency also.  This happens to me!  The puzzle begins!

Just some thoughts