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Re: General hardness

What is the lowest Gh that will still support healthy plant life in an
aquarium?  From "The Optimum Aquarium" photographs I assume some plants like
crypts can live in very, very soft water, but what about Rotala, Bacopa,
Ambulia, Hygrophila etc, the typical 'stem' plants?

Thank you Tom Brennan.  It's official.  I can now sit and do some OMMMMMMing
in front of my planted tank, that is, when I am not whistling "under the
sea" from "The Little Mermaid" while watching my clown loaches frolicking
all over the place. ;)

Mr. Purchase, if we would all be too scientifically inclined, come one
freezing rain and we'd all slide off into cyberspace.  Hehe :)

G. Kadar