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aquarium room decor (again)


I'd like to thank all who responded when I asked for suggestions for
decorating a room to contain a large planted aquarium.  Decisions have
been made, material has been purchased and labor is underway, so I thought
I'd let you know what we decided.

First, I'd especially like to thank Darren Gold for his wonderful
suggestion for a jungle room decor.  I didn't use the idea, but after I
showed his letter to my wife all of my more moderate proposals started
looking a lot more acceptable :-).  Thank's Darren!

To refresh your memory, the space is a 6-foot by 9-foot hallway with a
ceiling that slopes across the area (8 foot east wall, 10 foot west wall)
and two 2 foot by 4 foot skylights.  The sunlight in this small space is
wonderful, so most of all I wanted to use light, bright tones to use the
beatiful light.  The floor will be a glazed ceramic tile (I think it was
"avalon sea") that combines blue-tinted texture with a very light green
wash. I'll use teal grout.  The east wall, the ceiling and skylight bays
will be a blue-tinted white and the high west wall and both ends of the
hall will be a light teal.  Artificial light is provided by two glass
sconces on the east wall.  My wife calls this a water motif.

I have a bit more work to do, but it'll be mostly built by the end of the

The aquarium (when its eventually done) will be against the high west
wall, wrapped in the teal walls.  It will be set on custom cabinets (built
by moi, I suspect) and I'll flank the tank with large houseplants.  I have
a ficus sitting beside my desk that's already slated for one end of the

Steve Pushak suggested piping in sounds to work with the jungle decor.  I
won't do that, but it started me thinking about keeping birds (caged) in
the area.  I've always liked finches; do y'all think the three cats are
likely to cooperate with that?  A small waterfall might even find it's way
to reality, in this case partly as a means of getting the cats some "wild"
water to drink.  They don't like standing water.

This hallway serves the master bedroom, so it'll be the first thing I
stumble through on my way to the morning coffee.  Cool, huh!

Roger Miller