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ghost scrimp


I am reading all your posts about green water and algea & must say the
same thing is happening to
me.  What did I change ?  Well I installed a new cannister filter and
started to add more fertilizer/CO2.

I guess it must be one of these that triggered it.   I am fighting it by
changing the water almost every day now.  It cleans up the grean color
but the algea stay.  (little green wires)

I got the message you use 'ghost scrimp' ?  What are this for little
animals ?  Does anybody have any pictures or websites that contain more
info on these -usefull- animals ?

Where I live I cannot go to the store and ask ghost scrimp, most
important reason is that they don't speak English here...   as well I am
sure that I'll need to order them or drive a long way, local pet shops
are more fish minded.

Any email is really appreciated, btw, I do have clown botia's as well to
control snail.  Do they eat these scrimps ?


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