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Re: ghost scrimp

> Date: Tue, 24 Nov 1998 08:56:29 +0100
> From: Patrick <perk at cisco_com>
> hi,
> I am reading all your posts about green water and algea & must say the
> same thing is happening to
> me.  What did I change ?  Well I installed a new cannister filter and
> started to add more fertilizer/CO2.
> I guess it must be one of these that triggered it.   I am fighting it by
> changing the water almost every day now.  It cleans up the grean color
> but the algea stay.  (little green wires)

You can probably bet it's a combination of effects that may include the
CO2 addition and the fertilizer additions.

> I got the message you use 'ghost scrimp' ?  What are this for little
> animals ?  Does anybody have any pictures or websites that contain more
> info on these -usefull- animals ?

Ghost shrimp are good for control of filamentous algae (when kept in
large numbers).  They are capable of filter feeding, but I don't know
how effective they'd be against green water.

Ghost shrimp are small (2cm - 3cm) shrimp that are transparent.  You may
also find other shrimp in roughly this size or slightly larger (4cm)
that have brown or red stripes down their back.  Ghost shrimp are sold
as live food in the U.S.  You may be able to find them listed as grass

You may be able to find these in local streams, but they generally live
in heavily planted areas and are extremely hard to see.  I have one in
my Krib tank along with 100 Krib fry and a few leopard danio fry, and it
hides continuously in the plants.

> Any email is really appreciated, btw, I do have clown botia's as well to
> control snail.  Do they eat these scrimps ?

I would expect your botias to eat any invertebrates, including shrimp.

David W. Webb
Live-Foods list administrator