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more fertilizer questions

I've been following the fertilizer/edta/gluconate discussion and have a 
question that might as well be included in this discussion.  I use the 
Tropica Master Gro fert(I'm the only guy one doesn't use pmdd) and was 
curious to see what the chelating agents in it were.

Three(?) new chelators pop into question in the tropica product, they 

3) (?) E123 (?)

What these substances are I have no idea.  Obviously they are chelating 
agents and since this is multi fert. I suppose they could chelate any of 
the constituents(K, B, Fe, Mo, Mg, Cu, Mn, Zn and S) that require 
chelating.  If anyone knows the definition of any of the above 
substances, please share it with us.

As for the statements everyone would like to see from the fertilizer 
companies, I'd love to see the debate rage on with a complete list of 
the possible chelation agents.  Should we/I ask for clarification from 
individual companies and post the info to the list?  Would list rules 
permit this?  

Colin Anderson

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