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RE: Green Water

Just a note from a lurker on the list--

I've had a green water problem over the last few weeks in my 90 gallon
cichlid tank, also. Have it mostly under control with a combination of a
H.O.T. Magnum micron filter, flocculant additive and cutting back on
lighting. But the interesting things (and also pertinent to the current
green water discussion) are:

I have noticed that there has been a shaft of sunlight visible across the
tank at this time of year. This is the only tank of the 3 I have that is
close enough to a window to have this happen. This is also the first year
this tank has been in operation, so we will see if this is a seasonal thing.

This tank also has no plants- the cichlids kill any I put in there, so I
gave up. :) The community tank in the hall, which is not close to a window,
is very lightly planted at the moment (soon to be fully planted, I hope!).
But even so, while I do get some algae growth on rocks, wood and glass, I've
had no green water troubles.

Not a major scientific analysis, I know :), but seems to fall in line with
others here.

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