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Green Water

Roxanne wrote:

>Oh, green water woes.
>My 40g tank has been problem free for a long time;
>crystal clear and healthy.
>I went on vacation and came back to find it full of pea
>green soup, yuk.
>Problem is, I have tried all of the remedies seen on the
>web and I still have green, cloudy water, albeit a little
>bit less green.
>What I've tried:
>1.  darkened the tank for three days

>Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Hi Roxanne, if you're water parameters are OK, (and you know enough that I
believe that if you say they are, they are<g>) I am convinced that this
would have worked if you'd given it enough time.  IMO, 3 days isn't enough.
 You have to really block all light (as in cover the tank completely) for
5-7 days.  The only problem I see in this case is that if you're fish
haven't been fed in a month, it might be kind of rough on them.  I don't
mind leaving fish fro a week or two without food, but a month is a long time!