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Flame war and advice

Tony Minneboo wrote:

>Yes, I was also kind of disappointed with how a seemingly innocent question
>brought people's intelligence and even manhood in question so quickly. It
>sure seems like there are a lot of "smart" people on this list. If you want
>the fertilizer atom split this is the place to be.
>However when a friend of mine wanted advice on how to plant her new discus
>tank, I told her she should sign up to the list, post a message and she
>would surely get some answers. Well she did and she didn't.
>Everybody was so busy calling each other impotent her PLANT question got
>ignored. Oh well.

I'm not getting into the flaming stuff.  IMO, if people ignored this
nonsense rather than responding, there'd be more light and less heat.


I don't think it's a good idea to tell novices to post questions and expect
answers here.  This is a DISCUSSION group, not a group of people paid to
answer questions that have been answered and written about many times
before.  By all means, encourage novices to subscribe and LEARN from the
discussions here.  But tell them to read the FAQ, read the archives, read
the many wonderful sites available on the web.  THEN, if they have
question, post.  But don't EXPECT an answer.  Nobody here gets paid for
answering questions, and it's no one's responsibility to make sure
questions don't slip through the cracks.  

There are very good questions that go unanswered for a lot of valid
reasons.  You'll still learn more than enough to make it worth your while
if you hang around here for any length of time!

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association