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Re: Green water

I thought I'd metion that I to have green water problems.  As a 
short-term fix I got a used vortex from a LFS for free. They had it 
laying around and never had the time to get it upand running to when I 
told them about my problem the person on the line told me to come in.  So 
I got an old votex, a micron cartridge,new tubing and diatom powder for 
10$. Consequently I also got some nice rotala out of the trip.

I agree with the idea that the green algae is caused by a defincincy of 
Nitrate. I have a 72 gallon tank with 4 T12's, high pressure CO2, and a 
laterite substrate.  I noticed that my ludwigia had grown enormous 
extensive root systems in the water column soon there after the   green 
algae arrived.  This weekend I'll go pick up some jobes fern and palm 
spikes, and test the theory .