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ferrous gluconate

> The reason that Fe-gluconate drops off is that the iron precipitates as
> Fe+3 rather quickly and the gluconate (being a labile sugar) is digested by
> bacteria and algae.
> (snip)
> I'm getting an amusing sense of deja-vu over this Seachem ferrous gluconate
> thread.  A few years ago there was quite a heated debate when Seachem
> claimed that their Reef Calcium supplement was superior because it used
> calcium gluconate which they claimed could be more easily utilized by
> corals.  There never was any scientific evidence presented to support the
> claim as far as I know.  Some reef keepers claimed it was responsible for
> phenomenal coralline algae growth (a good thing), others blamed it for
> massive nuisance algae outbreaks etc etc.

So could this partially be responsible for the massive unidentifiable algae outbreak
from hell that won't go away with water changes (I usually dose with flourish and
flourish iron after I do water changes)?

Justin Collins